24 Things I’ve Learnt in my First Two Years of Living on my Own

Almost a month ago now, I hit my two year anniversary of living in Ottawa.

Although two years is not that long, it still boggles my mind how quickly the time has passed and how much I’ve learnt in the process. Being an 18 hour drive away from home isn’t always easy, but these past two years have been very informative and transformative. I suppose I could make this a regular thing, but I’d like to list you 24 things (one for each month) in no particular order, that I’ve learnt in my first two years of living on my own in a “new” city.

Here are 24 things I’ve learnt since moving out on my own (in no particular order):

  1. I am stronger than I think (physically, and most importantly, mentally)
  2. I do have weaknesses, and that’s okay
  3. Physical health is great, but mental health should come first
  4. I’ve learnt that I actually really like soup???
  5. I’m not the best cook, but recipes do really help
  6. I will get better at stocking up on essentials before they run out, but I will still run out occasionally
  7. Fresh garlic is the booooomb
  8. I appreciate my parents more
  9. I miss my friends and family more
  10. I will do certain things and think to myself “oh shit, I’m turning into my sister”
  11. Making new friends is hard (but so worth it)
  12. Everyone is meant to be in your life for a reason and at specific times
  13. I’m learning to accept my body and self
  14. I am deserving of love (from myself and others)
  15. I need to leave hair-cutting to the professionals, and to stop trying to give myself a “trim”
  16. I’m learning to utilize more of the social scale and tap into my extroverted self more often
  17. I’ve learnt the importance of continuous self care
  18. I need to read more
  19. Getting a cat is awesome
  20. Eating a box of oreos in a matter of days is nothing to feel guilty about
  21. Yoga is great for the body AND mind
  22. Sometimes comfort is more important than looking cool
  23. I need to stop worrying about money so much
  24. I’m honestly doing great


Have you felt as though you’ve transformed or learnt anything new over the past few years? If so, comment and chat below!