Possible trigger warning. I talk about assault in this blog post.

Yesterday evening, on my walk home from work, I was almost assaulted.

Now before you start to worry, nothing actually happened – No one touched me or anything like that. But they almost did. And I almost feel as though the word assaulted may sound a little extreme, but it is the truth.




          1. make a physical attack on.


I walked past a group of rough looking men and briefly made eye contact with them. I quickly looked away as I had a feeling something might happen, or they’d try to cat call me. I then looked ahead and turned on my resting bitch face, as you do. But once I had passed the group, I saw one of the men from out of the corner of my eye come up behind me and was about to slap my ass. I immediately turned around and the man ran back to the group, and almost seemed frightened that I would hit him or defend myself. Naturally, I yelled at him to fuck off, and I continued walking home. This happened around 6pm, with people walking around since I was in a busy, downtown area.

Now nothing actually happened to me physically, but emotionally I am still so angry at what happened. I am angry because this should not be a common thing to happen to people. I have been cat called a number of times, and every time it happens, I am instantly angry and I feel dirty and not respected, and I feel the same way this time, but it’s much stronger. And the fact that people are actually assaulted so casually, and that acts far worse than this go completely unnoticed or unannounced saddens me immensely.

I was not raped, or attacked, or harmed in any way. But if you, or someone you know has been, you/they need to vocalize what happened. Tell someone – anyone. People need to know, they need to be aware that there are awful people in this world and that something needs to be done about it. These acts should not be a common occurrence. It is wrong and sad and it angers me too much.