Let me start off by saying that these amazing glasses are the Joyce frame by Bailey Nelson.

Bailey Nelson, and brands such as Warby Parker allow people to purchase beautiful, modern, and well crafted glasses at very reasonable prices. As a recent graduate, this is great. Mine cost me a flat rate of 245$ since I’ve got a pretty strong prescription, and I also purchased clip-on sunglasses for an additional 75$. They arrived within 5 business days, and I’ve worn them almost everyday since getting them.

When it comes to glasses, I’m a true veteran. I’ve worn them since I was three years old, and although I prefered contact lenses up until about a month ago, I’ve always loved the versatility of glasses. The thing was, I had just never found a pair that I truly loved. Until I found these.

As someone who is a big fan of minimalism and living in a monochrome world, clear frames seemed great to me. The Joyce frames were the first pair I noticed on BL’s website, and I immediately wanted them. I was worried they wouldn’t suit my face, since I usually have a tough time finding nice frames, and usually end up settling for something meh. However, these suited my face wonderfully, and I genuinely liked them.

I have a round/oval face, and the roundness of the frames actually is quite flattering — I’ve gotten a few people to try on my glasses as well, and they seem to suit most people. The fact that the frames are clear is what I think really sells them, and makes them great for the majority of people. They suit all skin tones, and can definitely be dressed up or down. They’re clear, so it’s almost as if they don’t even exist, which makes them the perfect, secret accessory.

When it comes to styling them, and making them fit with your wardrobe, it’s pretty simple. They’re a neutral if you had to label them, but they’re almost unnoticeable so they’d be perfect for any style really. I personally prefer them when they’re paired with a classic, simple, monochrome or black and white outfit, since they’re right up the minimalist alley. But they would also be a great addition to a bolder outfit, as they could actually help draw more attention to your overall look and outfit, instead of something on your face.

The frames and lenses themselves are amazing quality. They’ve been holding up just as well as my Ray Bans, and the staff over at BL were amazing and very relaxed and helpful. The prices definitely make me want to purchase more frames to suit any occasion, but for now I guess I’ll have to stick with the amazing pair I already have.