I’m thinking of writing a little segment or themed post once in awhile that will revolve around conversations I’ve had while at coffee shops.

I drink a lot of coffee, and I like to chat with friends over a cup pretty often, so it just seemed like a topic that I could write about frequently. I will also start off each post with a quick blurb about what we drank and/or ate.

Today, I went for coffee with Liane, an old friend of mine, and although the weather is moody, we were feeling the opposite. We each got an almond biscotti, hers was regular chocolate dipped, and mine was white. She chose a matcha green tea latte, and I started off with a flat white, and finished with some black coffee. The barista was super chill and made us some adorable drinks with little puppies (or bears??) and I felt really bad having to ruin them by drinking them haha.

The music at the Second Cup we were at was pretty great too — some really groovy tunes, but some some familiar tunes as well. My favourite one from our little date had to have been Archie, Marry Me, by Alvvays.

As for our conversation, it included some chatter about schedules and when would be the best time to grab some sushi, but mainly we talked about relationships. How cliché of two girl best friends, I know. The discussion of quality over quantity seemed to dominate the topic, and we both agreed that quality trumps quantity. We’re both introverts at heart, and although we’ve developed over the years, and have learnt to come out of our shells more often, we’re both still home-bodies and like to spend time with fewer people. We’d both rather have a few really amazing friends, over a ton of acquaintances. That’s just how we’ve always been.

Chatting about bad past relationships was fun too — it’s always a little nice to release those sorts of topics once in a while. Not because they’re lingering around in your brain, but because it’s like gossiping about yourself, which can be a little entertaining (at least I think so). It was nice to exchange advice to each other, and give our opinions about current relationships and situations, and ways to look at people and how they treat us. I personally like to give advice, or tell people about my previous experiences in order to give another perspective in the hopes of helping whoever I’m talking to in some sort of way.

How do you feel about relationships? Do you prefer quality, or quantity? Let me know in the comments below!