Dot Period Pt. 1 – Laurana, Nicole, Anonymous

Hey guys! I recently posted on my Insta story and personal Facebook that I wanted to start a series of blog posts related to periods and hormones and everything in between.

It’s a subject that I feel could be talked about more, and I wanted to be able to share real-life conversations I’ve had with other women in order to shine some light on some seemingly uncommon, yet very common issues related to our periods.

My goal here is to open up a conversation with anyone who’s interested, and to make women feel a little less alone with their struggles. I also wanted to show that there are so many common and crazy side effects that we all experience during our periods, in menopause, while on the pill, after childbirth, etc., etc.

Each conversation starts with the same four questions:

  • How old are you?
  • Are you on birth control?
  • What is/was your go-to feminine hygiene product?
  • What has been your #1 biggest issue related to your hormones/period/etc?

From there, the conversation begins! Keep reading below to get some insight on the hormonal battles of Laurana, Nicole, and an anonymous woman.


  • How old are you?
    • I am 23 years old
  • Are you on birth control?
    • Yes I’m on the depo provera.
  • You mentioned to me that you haven’t had a period since 2012; care to explain? (She had mentioned that she hadn’t had a period since 2012, so I added this question to get some insight)
    • The depo effects everyone differently. Some side effects are light periods but mine got rid of it completely
  • What is/was your go-to feminine hygiene product?
    • My go to product was pads
  • What has been your #1 biggest issue related to your hormones/period/etc?
    • My biggest issue was my pads not catching all the blood and would stain everything when I slept and I had a rank odor that came with it that I couldn’t control no matter how much I tried

Steph: Depo Provera – can you explain what it is exactly? How has your experience been using it? And what made you want to use pads? I used to use them when I first got my period but eventually switched to tampons, and now a menstrual cup.

Laurana: The Depo-provera is an injection you get from the nurse every 3 months and is 99% effective against pregnancy. It comes with lots of side effects. After the first dose I gained 10 pounds and after ever shot I get sick and start vomiting and I am producing milk as well.

I would not recommend this birth control to anyone and I’m only still on it because I just got used to it. I only took it cuz I can’t swallow pills and I’m so forget full of things I’d forget the patch and I don’t want anything in my vag that doesn’t have to be in there.

Nothing really made me want to use pads. When I was 12 my mom helped me pick out some and I have been using it up till 2012. I had no desire to change from a pad to a tampon or the cup when I was younger probably because I’m a pretty complacent person and didn’t really care what I used.

S: Oh my god. Those side effects sound awful. I’ve had bad side effects from BC but I got off of it because it wasn’t worth it to me.

L: I mean everyone is different.

S: And hey, that’s cool (about pads) whatever works right

L: Yup I’m pretty chill about that stuff…I guess I save money to cuz I don’t need them till I’m off the depo. And Depo-provera is now free for people under 25.

S: True! I was just about to ask how much it is. Do you know how much it is when it isn’t covered?

L: $40.

S: That’s not awful…

L: Nope and it’s just every 3 months.

S: True! So when you said you’ve gotten used to it, what did you mean?

L: Like I know what to except after getting the shot. I’m more prepared I know I’m gunna get sick within a few days and the milk doesn’t actively leak so it doesn’t bother me. I just have to keep a close eye to make sure cancer doesn’t stealthy doesn’t hide in there.

S: Damn. Have there been cases of women developing breast cancer due to the drug??

L: No not that I am aware of. It eats your bone marrow though.

S: What the fuck.

L: So you have to take vitamin d and calcium pills to fight it.

S: How is something like that legal??

L: As long as you take the pills of vitamin d and calcium you should be okay

S: Wow.

L: Ya that’s why I don’t recommend it lots of side effects. Nasty ones.

S: Yeah it sounds like it. I wonder if there are other options for you..those side effects sound like hell! I would not be able to put my body through that personally hahah.

L: I understand. That’s why I tell everyone to not do it. Maybe I’ll change to the patch later idk yet though. The Depo-provera was the best one for me at the time.

S: Yeah I get that. There’s always new options coming out! I’m sure there’s something out there haha!

L: For sure!


  • How old are you?
    • 23
  • Are you on birth control?
    • Yes, the patch.
  • What is/was your go-to feminine hygiene product?
    • I use Kotex tampons. I am trying to make the switch to a Diva Cup because I am terrified of Toxic Shock Syndrome and its more eco friendly.
  • What has been your #1 biggest issue related to your hormones/period/etc?
    • My biggest issue with my period has been my cramps. One month I have major cramps and the next I don’t. I can’t figure out what triggers it.

Steph: Ah the patch! I feel like I barely hear about it. You may be the first person I’ve known to use it! What’s it like? And when you say you’re trying to make the switch to a Diva Cup, do you mean you have yet to buy it, or what? I personally use one and it’s great. Definitely recommend it! As for cramps – that sucks. I haven’t been able to figure out what triggers really bad ones for myself either!

Nicole:  It is good and bad. Good because i change it once a week and don’t have to remember to take a pill daily. But bad because it loses its “stickiness” and by the end of the week has a hard time staying on.

I have had a Diva Cup for a year but tried to use it for the first 3 months and had a hard time with leakage. So I tried again a few months later and same issue. I was going to attempt again when I get my period next week. I swear I’m putting it in right but its not comfortable. So I have to play with it a bit more. I actually ordered a pair of period panties “Thinx” to help in case it leaks.

And for cramps, I have been taking Midol as needed. But I cannot figure out the trigger because its not consistent!

S: Oh interesting. Do you know if the effects lessen as the stickiness wears off?

As for the Diva Cup, I’ve found that if it’s uncomfortable/you can feel it, it most likely isn’t in properly. As for leaking, I heard somewhere that you have to spin it around once it’s in and it helps to secure the seal. I do get a few drops if I exercise or something, but nothing serious. I’m curious about Thinx too though!

And for cramps, I found that when I exercised a lot and ate pretty well, that helped my cramps, but yeah maxidol and lots of chamomile tea haha.

N:  I hope the effects don’t lessen based on the stickiness. It’s still on pretty good but the corners peel. It could be my placement (on my hip) but it has to be placed somewhere I wont sweat. I will try spinning the Diva Cup and see if that helps! I’m excited to try Thinx! It’s a bit pricey (45$ before tax) for 1 pair. But I hope it’s worth it! I try to exercise but really don’t know what I’m doing in the gym because its been so long. I have to force myself to go more!

S: Hmmm yeah maybe a different area with less friction? And yeah, but some things are worth the high price tag!

I barely exercise now lol. I do a lot of videos – I was going to the gym but it’s too expensive haha.

N: Yeah I might try another spot. It’s hard to find a spot you don’t sweat.

Yes! I’m trying to wait it out to September when I’m back in school because it will be free.

Also, I just double checked. It’s Knix that I ordered, not Thinx. They are period panties, but they are $25 versus $45.

S: Yeah I bet it is hahah. And oh damn! That’s quite the difference in price!

N: Yeah the reviews were the same as Thinx so we will see.

S: Well keep me posted! I actually follow Knix on instagram and they seem really great. I didn’t know they made period underwear!

N: Yeah I didn’t know either until I researched a little more and googled “period underwear” and they came up!

S: Huh! Interesting. They’re a Canadian brand too eh?

N: I didn’t know that! Thats great! Yeah on their site it’s under the tab “leakproof”.

It was $35 with shipping which I think is reasonable!


  • How old are you?
    • 60
  • Are you on birth control?
    • Hell no
  • What is/was your go-to feminine hygiene product?
    • Tampax
  • What has been your #1 biggest issue related to your hormones/period/etc?
    • Menopause

Steph: Have you ever been on birth control?

And how is menopause treating you? What’s the worst part of it?

Anonymous:  Yes.

Omg haha sweating; not sleeping; being cranky – honestly I really think being forgetful (must add to this I lost my Mom to Alzheimer’s) so don’t know if this counts.

S: Interesting. I’ve heard that hot flashes are a thing haha. Is the lack of sleep due to the overheating?

A: Oh yes – I’m the one who was freezing all the time – in the winter I would go to bed in sweats with socks covered with the heat on – this past winter my socks were off – my feet were hanging outside the covers and I was still hot as hell.

S: Oh wow! Doesn’t sound pleasant haha

A: It sucks

S: I bet 🙁

And that concludes our first post in the Dot Period series!

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below, and I’d love to know if you have any suggestions on how to improve the legibility/styling of the post. I want this to be as interesting as possible for you all to read, so please leave comments below! <3