Dot Period Pt. 3 – Lisa, Anonymous, Kait

Yay! It’s our third Dot Period post!

Once again, the point of these posts is to start a conversation and help normalize periods and hormonal issues. I wanted to talk to women about their personal struggles, and help to make them feel less alone with them.

Each conversation starts with the same four questions:

  • How old are you?
  • Are you on birth control?
  • What is/was your go-to feminine hygiene product?
  • What has been your #1 biggest issue related to your hormones/period/etc?

From there, the conversation begins! Keep reading below to hear what Lisa, Anonymous, and Kait have to say.


  • How old are you?
    • I’m 46
  • Are you on birth control?
    • No birth control. But I did have my tubes tied about 12 years ago.
  • What is/was your go-to feminine hygiene product?
    • I’ve always used always pads as tampons no longer work well for me.
  • What has been your #1 biggest issue related to your hormones/period/etc?
    • I do not have a lot of problems with my period now except that I didn’t have it for 6 months and thought I was in menopause. But it came back for the last two months 🙁 . When I was younger I used to be in so much pain and would throw up for two days. Then my dr gave me naproxen and it worked

Steph: So how come tampons don’t work anymore? What are you doing now then?

And could it still be menopause? Even if you’ve had your period for the past couple of months?

Lisa: Tampons don’t hold the blood and I leak. That’s why I only use pads.

It could be still I guess. But to be in full menopause you have to not have a period for one year

S: Have you thought of using a product like Thinx underwear as a backup?

And gotcha. Guess it’s the beginning stages then eh?

L: No I haven’t. I wear a pant liner everyday anyways. Yeah I guess so 🙄

S: Ah okay. Well it could be an option to look into if you’re looking for a reusable option!

L: True enough. I think I’m just old school and want to throw pads away when I’m done. Lol

S: Fair enough! I love my Diva Cup, but I’m hesitant to try Thinx or any other menstrual underwear.

L: That’s good!! And yeah I don’t think I would like them either.

S: Why don’t you think you would like them? Personally, I just haven’t done enough research into them, but I’d be worried about leaking still or a feeling of dampness or something.

L: Just the idea of having to wash them. I like the idea of just throwing the pads out I guess.


  • How old are you?
    • I’m 23 years old
  • Are you on birth control?
    • Yes I am on Alesse 21 day
  • What is/was your go-to feminine hygiene product?
    • l have used Tampax cardboard tampons for years
  • What has been your #1 biggest issue related to your hormones/period/etc?
    • #1 biggest issue would be mood swings leading up to my period. To the point where I don’t even feel like myself

Steph: I’ve been on Alesse in the past. Unfortunately it gave me migraines, but other than that I liked it!

I can totally empathize with not feeling like yourself leading up to your period too. Some months I’m totally fine, but most of the time, about a week before my period I feel irritable and super negative.

Anonymous: Yeah it’s usually a week before my period it gets really bad, like I feel sad, angry, irritable, it’s crazy!! Then it seems to settle when I get my period, so that’s good lol. But I hate it!!! I’m thinking of switching birth control. What one are you on?

S: It’s the worst too because you can’t control it! I hate it too haha. And I’m no longer on BC! I took Alesse a few years ago and got the migraines (meant I was at a risk of having a stroke), and then went onto the mini-pill (BC without estrogen) and it was awful. My periods because sporadic and my mood/personality was completely different. I was rude, irritable, and very very lethargic. The moment I went off it I felt better, and haven’t looked back since!

A: Oh okay I see! Good thing you stopped taking alesse since it was a threat to your health!! But yeah. I think it’s absolutely crazy how a little pill packed with hormones can literally change how you feel. Like a complete 180… and my boyfriend has been around me during these mood swings and I feel bad when I get sad/depressed feeling around him but I know it’s always from the birth control it’s just so hard to explain to others

S: Yeah I brought it up to my doctor and she told me to stop taking it. It is crazy how a tiny pill can have such a huge effect!
And I agree. The past few weeks (before and during my period) I’ve felt like a mess. Just a fog hovering over my head, and I’m trying to stay positive and not be too snappy around my boyfriend, but it’s hard sometimes.


  • How old are you?
    • I am 20
  • Are you on birth control?
    • I do not use any form of birth control.
  • What is/was your go-to feminine hygiene product?
    • My go to is currently a diva cup, but before I went zero waste they were tampons.
  • What has been your #1 biggest issue related to your hormones/period/etc?
    • My biggest struggle was deffo cramps and a super heavy second day, but my cup has helped with that immensely.

Steph: Okay I also use the Diva Cup, and I’ve read that some women find it helps with cramps! I’m assuming due to the suction? But I have no clue! So how have you found the cup has helped with cramps/a super heavy second day?

Kaitlyn: Yes absolutely. My cramps are minimal, I even go some periods without them. And it feels like my heaviest days are lighter, but that might just be because I’m not bleeding through anything.

S: Huh. Interesting about the cramps. I can see how not bleeding through anything would be nice lol. It’s one of my favourite parts of the cup.

K: Mine too. Especially when I have somewhere to be all day and I don’t have to worry about that or bringing enough tampons or pads.

S: Yes! I love the freedom. It’s great at work or while I’m being active and stuff. Do you have any other thoughts on the Diva Cup, or any advice for people who are thinking about making the switch?

K: I encourage anyone trying them out to give them a fair shot. I’ve talked to a few girls that couldn’t figure it out and gave up after a couple days. It took me 3 or 4 period cycles to get it just right and get it in successfully every time. So give it time.

And that concludes the third post in the Dot Period series!

Feel free to leave any comments below and get the conversations flowing!