Dot Period Pt. 2 – Christine, Alanna, Rachele

And we’re back with another Dot Period post!

As I mentioned in the first post of the series, the point of this whole thing is to simply start conversations and help normalize periods and hormonal issues. I wanted to talk to women about their personal struggles, and help to make them feel less alone with them.

Each conversation starts with the same four questions:

  • How old are you?
  • Are you on birth control?
  • What is/was your go-to feminine hygiene product?
  • What has been your #1 biggest issue related to your hormones/period/etc?

From there, the conversation begins! Keep reading below to get some insight on the hormonal battles of Christine, Alanna, and Rachele.


  • How old are you?
    • 22yrs old
  • Are you on birth control?
    • Yes I am
  • What is/was your go-to feminine hygiene product?
  • What has been your #1 biggest issue related to your hormones/period/etc?
    • My biggest issue has been pain and mood swings.

Steph: How long have you been on birth control? What’s the story there; have you had any weird side effects, etc.

And how are Thinx underwear?? I’m curious about them and would love to hear about it.

And finally, I also experience pain (cramping and back aches specifically), as well as mood swings. They’re the worst aren’t they? I get mine starting about a week and a half before my period.

Christine: I’ve been on birth control for 6 yrs(since I was 16). I started it because my period pain was so bad I’d be paralyzed for the first day and my doctor said it might help and boy did it ever. So I never had any side effects other than it completely easing my period pain.

And I just started using Thinx and it’s the best! I would get bad reactions when using basic period products like pads and tampons so I decided to try Thinx. They’re so comfortable and they really work.

And since starting birth control my cramps have calmed down significantly but I still get back aches and leg pain surprisingly. As far as mood swings go, the week before my period is a mess of emotions.

S: Holy shit. That sounds awful! That really sucks that you’d have bad side effects from other hygiene products. I too am a mess before my period lol. I feel bad for the people around me.

C: Ya it was horrible but I found alternatives so now it’s better. But ya mood swings are still an issue

S: Good that it’s better! I’ve found that acknowledging that the mood swings are purely hormonal helps to control it and feel less bad about it.

C: Ya I agree. Sometimes I feel like when you try to bring it up people will either not care or turn it into a joke.

S: Yes! I mean sometimes I joke about something being due to PMS haha but when you bring up a serious hormonal effect and someone plays it off as a joke, that’s not cool.

C: Ya I do that too 😛 but it’s a total bummer when they shut you down like that

S: Hahah it is.

Now you said you’ve been on BC for 6 years now; Do you ever worry of the potential long-term side effects of being on the pill for so long?

C: Not really if I’m honest. I’ve had a good experience with bc so far. I also have a great relationship with my doctor so we’re very open about these subjects and if ever I do have questions she’s there. Also to clarify the bc I use is alysena prescription pills.

S: Oh that’s super great then! Having a good doctor that you can trust is really important.

C: Agreed.


  • How old are you?
    • I’m 23
  • Are you on birth control?
    • Yes I’m on the pill but honestly I’m super bad about taking it cause my shifts are constantly changing and I forget about it constantly. I want to switch to the patch. I’m doing a lot of research on it right now.
  • What is/was your go-to feminine hygiene product?
    • For the past 2 years now I’ve been using the Diva Cup and I love it! I would honestly never switch back.
  • What has been your #1 biggest issue related to your hormones/period/etc?
    • I’m pretty lucky I don’t get headaches and I don’t get cramps. I think for me my #1 problem is dealing with the lake of energy I think I have an iron problem to begin with and when my period hits I don’t even feel like I have enough energy to get out of bed in the morning….oh and I get super moody but I can deal with it…my boyfriend however not as much

Steph: Ah you’re the second person to talk about the patch! I haven’t heard about it much, but it seems interesting!

I also use the Diva Cup and I feel the same way! It’s been so amazing. How did you find it initially?

And I also get super irritable about a week before and as for your lack of energy – could totally be due to the lack of iron. I’ve heard it gets worse around your period because you’re losing iron to begin with.

Alanna: Yeah for the patch my only problem is that if I went swimming it would be seen but honestly I’m kind of over that…like who cares? It’s not then end of the world it is less noticeable than bandaids.

A coworker back a Wal-Mart was talking about it and she was going on and on and had pretty much convinced all the girls to get it. I did a lot of research and now I recommend it to everyone. I get a lot of people that think it’s going to be gross but I honestly feel tampons and pads are more gross now… oh and my periods have gotten lighter and normally shorter since I’ve started using it.

S: Yeah people probably don’t even notice the patch! And your periods have gotten lighter since using the cup?

A: It’s funny because I’ll cry so easily like a week before and Dylon would be like “you must be getting close to your period” and I’ll snap at him for even suggesting that and yet the next day I’ll say something about how I get so sad that I’m so moody before my period and he just looks at me like are you serious.

And yes! Use to be like 5 to 6 days now I hardly see day 5 normally over on day 4.

S: Hahahah! I do the same thing :$

I’ve found that mine feels shorter too actually; I think it’s because there’s almost less of a spotting period? Idk

A: Yeah 😛 it’s hard to convince people cause a lot of people don’t know about it or just think it’s gross but I haven’t met one person who gave it at least 2 month try and didn’t like it.

S: Hahaha yeah once you convince them to try it, their lives improve!


  • How old are you?
    • 41 I think lol. Yes I am 41
  • Are you on birth control?
    • No birth control
  • What is/was your go-to feminine hygiene product?
    • Always infinity for necessities, and dove soap for sensitive skin for hygiene.
  • What has been your #1 biggest issue related to your hormones/period/etc?
    • Never regular periods, hormones not regular. Finally got diagnosed with PCOS. I am now on metformin which regulates my hormones, periods normal weight maintained and hair grow is normal. With having PCOS you produce more male hormones which in turn is why you don’t get reg periods and your hair grows quickly after shaving.

Steph: What sort of side effects have you experienced with PCOS? How long have you dealt with it?

And what did you do before you were diagnosed with PCOS?

Rachele:  Problems with weight gain, acne, rapid hair growth, irregular periods, never knowing, also trouble conceiving.

I just dealt with it. Until a doctor diagnosed me and started metformin just after Hunter was born so 9 years ago roughly. I did obviously have children, but was hard to get pregnant; this medication makes me extremely fertile. Husband is fixed so no need for birth control.

S: Awh man that’s a lot to take on. That’s a long time to go undiagnosed too. Thankfully it’s under control now though. And interesting that it makes you extremely fertile! Glad you have the backup haha

R: Lol so am I.

And that concludes the second post in the Dot Period series!

Feel free to leave any comments below and get the conversations flowing!