Can I just ask you something? Who the fuck decided that under eye bags are a bad, undesirable thing?

I’m aware that there are other aspects of our normal human bodies that are deemed undesirable, but today we’re going to talk about under eye bags.

Let’s make it clear – I have them. I always have, so I can relate to all of my puffy eyed friends. And it’s only really been in the past month or two that I’ve been into them. I know what it’s like to wake up and have your eyes feel swollen and extra puffy after a crappy sleep. Or maybe you cried the night before and are displaying the evidence the next morning. Or maybe, just maybe, you didn’t do anything “bad” and they’re still there. I know I could work out, eat super clean and get a good night’s sleep and I’d still wake up with them under my eyes.


Like really. Why should you care? Who told you that part of your natural face is bad and you should try and cover it up? I literally searched on YouTube “eye bags good” and “how to look good with eye bags” and all I got were videos showing me how to cover them up. That’s seriously messed up.

And I get it. Sometimes eye bags are linked with poor health, or bad habits, but sometimes they aren’t! If they are part of your face and you’ve always had them, then they’re just a part of you! And you should learn to love them.

I think my recent love for eye bags is sort of tied to my love ofΒ the “french lifestyle”. You know the one, “don’t care about anyone, you are you, eat that cake, walk more, drink wine, treat your skin first, makeup second, always look as though you’d rather be somewhere else (it’s alluring apparently)”. Yeah, that one. It’s just a stereotype built by the media really. But if it’s making me accept myself a little more each day, and I get to treat myself along the way, then I’m on board.

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed this, but under eye bags and dark circles can be sexy as fuck.

They’re literally framing your eyes in a sense – They create shadows and depth to the face. I’ve managed to erase my eye bags with makeup a couple of times, and I honestly didn’t like it. My face looked flat and not mine. I also bet that if you looked around in public, you’d notice that almost everyone has them. So accept that it’s totally NORMAL.

Don’t get me wrong – I admire people who can do their makeup perfectly and look flawless and “on point”. I wish I could do that! But as much as I love that look, I’ve always been more attracted to people who look more natural and are okay with their so-called imperfections being out on display. In a world of false advertising, it’s nice to see something real. And I’m still not comfortable going out without concealer or eyebrows filled in, and that’s okay. Each day I’m getting a little more comfortable with myself and wearing less concealer and whatnot. It’s a process. And so is learning to love your eye bags. Just remind yourself that they’re hot, you’re hot, and accept it.

Now here are some lovely faces showing you that eye bags are sexy. (I’d put your face in there but that’s a little tricky, so maybe just use a mirror?)