Some more fall inspiration.

All images came from Google.

My style is very much influenced by street style, and that model off-duty sort of look. Personally, I like simple outfits with minimal colour palettes and will sometimes pull inspiration from models like Freja Beha Erichsen, who has an effortlessly cool style, that is also influenced by menswear it seems. I like the sharp lines and edgy feel of mens street style, and occasionally pull inspo from that as well.

In order to hit that balance between menswear/street style and feminine vibes, there are some key elements you can focus on to achieve a happy medium.

  • Unique yet flattering cuts
    By sticking to classic cuts and shapes, you’re guaranteed to have a clean, and simple look. But if you pick angular cuts and slightly longer hemlines, you’ll hit that men-inspired street style vibe, but the crisp angles will give it a flattering look, which also fits in with the feminine vibes you’re trying to achieve. If you pick clothing that is well tailored and fits you well, you’ll have a great look – but by adding a bit a little something-something to classic shapes, such as an oversized accessory like a boxy biker jacker, or even some cool cropped pants, you’ll get those street vibes.
  • Colour palette
    Sticking to a simple palette will add a touch of sophistication to your overall look. If you keep the look all black or neutral tones, you’ll for sure give off classic, yet edgy/modern vibes. But by adding touches of colour, such as a deep plum, or pastel blue, you’ll be adding an interesting visual element that can also scream femininity.
  • Proportions
    By mixing the proportions of your outfit, you’ll be giving it visual interest and can easily take an outfit from basic, to bad ass. An easy way to mix street with feminine, is to have bigger, or looser fitting garments on the top, and a tight fitting pant. They balance each other out, but the baggy or oversized look on top gives you that cool, effortless edginess, and the slim bottoms are flattering and can really show off your shape

What trends and looks are you inspired by for this season?