So seeing as I had no chores or responsibilities to deal with today, I figured I’d check out the Byward Market in downtown Ottawa.

I’ve been meaning to pick up some fruits and veggies from there since the prices are so good and the fresh produce just smells and looks amazing. I’m also a huge fan of shopping local and supporting local companies when I can.

I managed to snag a massive amount of yellow beans for 2$, a little box of brussel sprouts for 3$, a bunch of mixed carrots for 3$, a box of strawberries form Québec for 5$, and a bottle of blueberry wine from Blue Gipsy Wines for 20.50$. I also taste tested their ginger wine, which although sounds odd, was actually not bad considering how strong of a flavour ginger is.

The quality of all of the products I purchased is amazing and I definitely plan to get more of my groceries from the market, seeing as it’s super fresh and really cheap.

I’m currently eating the veggies which I’ve roasted alongside some sweet potatoes, mushrooms and red onions. And I’ve paired it with a glass of the blueberry wine. The veggies are amazing and are so much better than ones you’d pick up from a grocery store. The wine is nice and sweet, and honestly tastes like blueberry juice with a tiny bit of wine – totally dangerous and I could have a million glasses. I think it would be really great in punches and mixed drinks.

All in all, it was a great few hours spent, and I’m absolutely in love with the food that I got.