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Heyoo would you look at that! A wild outfit post! Haven’t written one in a while…

But I’m feeling motivated and excited about my blog and am getting back into the groove of things! So keep your eyes peeled for future posts (and hopefully more outfit/fashion ones).

The weather has been so dreary and cold lately that I’m dying for some nice weather. And if I can’t actually have it, I can start dressing for it, right? I mean I may have been freezing while taking these photos, but when your outfit is this bomb, you do what you gotta do. Speaking of this outfit, I’m OBSESSED with these trousers. The frills on the pockets give them a nice girly edge, but the cut and fit is still classic and a tad bit masculine. By pairing with them with all black pieces, they instantly became the focal point. However, I did mix my textures a bit and chose these sweet patent faux leather loafers from Zara. They were awful to break in, but damn they’re fun.

I’ve been wanting to expand my style-horizons lately, and have been inspired by bloggers such as Megan Ellaby and Amy Spencer with their effortlessly cool, yet really unique and more maximalist style. So I’ve added a few new interesting pairs of pants and am trying to wear more pattern and colour in order to pump out some bad ass outfits. Stepping out of my comfort zone in terms of my clothes is a little scary, but I always feel powerful when I’m in an interesting outfit.

Now keep scrolling to view more of the outfit and let me know what you think in the comments below!

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Photos by Alexandre Wickham.

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