I always thought of pampering yourself as something that should happen once in a while.
Recently however, I’ve been making it a regular thing.

I’m honestly always so worried about spending money on things that I want, since I know that I could put my money to better use by buying things that I need. But I always seem to buy what I want anyways, so I’m starting to just let it be a thing and not let it bother me as much. Obviously I don’t spend all of my money on things I want, but I tend to treat myself as soon as my paycheck comes in, to sort of satisfy the want, and then I can focus on my needs for the rest of the month.

Lately though, I’ve been really trying to make myself feel good in every aspect of my life, and I just want to be my best self. And so treating myself has come into play, and I don’t feel guilty about it anymore. If I want gelato, I’ll get gelato. If I want some new concealer, I’ll get it and skip the morning Starbucks for a while. I compromise in order to get what I want, and if that means being frugal in other aspects of my life, that’s fine with me.

I can’t seem to understand why I used to feel so guilty about pampering myself, or just spending a little more time on me. What is so wrong about wanting to treat yourself right? I don’t know. And I’m glad I’m moving past it; because honestly, it’s making my life more satisfying and just genuinely better.

Think of it this way — You buy gifts for people you love, or you cover their orders here and there because you love and care for them. You treat them with respect and pamper them to show your affection. So why not do the same for yourself? Why should you deprive yourself of love and care?
The answer: You shouldn’t. 

Recently I’ve really loved treating myself to a face mask, or the occasional flat white from Starbucks. Today however, I got myself a new dress from Zara and some new concealer by Anastasia Beverly Hills (in shade 1.5). I try to do little things daily that will make me feel better. I like to wake up a bit earlier and take it slow and have a good cup of coffee. I also love taking about 15 minutes before bed to just treat my face and body; I put on moisturizer and eye cream, and some lotion on the rest of my body. I take time and analyze any areas of concern and I treat them before going to bed. Taking the time to slow down and appreciate yourself and your body is such an important part when it comes to living your best life.

So go ahead – eat that gelato. Waffle cone and all.