I decided that it was time to give myself a nice little logo. I’ve designed some in the past of course, but I’ve outgrown them. I wanted something simple and consistent with the rest of my website and brand, and so I came up with what you’re seeing here.

The font is Playfair Display, which I use throughout my website for headers. I love the simple, classic serif and I feel as though it gives a nice cleanness to my brand. I chose to use the bold and regular weights to give some distinction to my first and last name and to create some slight hierarchy. However, using all lowercase letters allows the names to work together as more of a whole.

Breaking the “a” in Lachance gives the logo a slight edge and makes the name feel a little airier and allows it to breathe. Same goes for the kerning of Steph.

I’m sure that within a year or so I’ll redesign my logo again, and that’s okay. I feel like it’s important to grow and constantly update your brand to better fit who you are today.