As the fall season slowly creeps in, the weather is getting a little cooler, and the clothing warmer. Rainy days become the norm, and we miss the sun.

I’m a huge fan of autumn. As the people around me and I’m sure they’ll tell you that all I keep saying is “I can’t wait until it’s cold out and I can wear fall sweaters and boots and scarves!” They’re probably all sick of it, and will blame me when there’s more rain and it starts snowing 24/7. Oh well.

It’s been raining a little bit recently, here in Ottawa, but I don’t mind it. Whenever it rains, I feel a hint of melancholy, but a lot of comforting feelings. I just want to cuddle up with a cup of coffee and watch the rain pour.

I recently had the chance to do so while going on a quick middle-of-the-day date with Alex. We went to Quitters Coffee and I got a flat white, and he got a latte. The only thing (other than the drenched clothes from the rain) that put a slight damper (pun intended) on things, was the fact that we really wanted some warm and boozy drinks — which they can serve at Quitters — but sadly they didn’t have any appropriate alcohol at the time. We eventually got over it, and drank our boozeless-coffee.

We sat next to the window and Alex did a bit of work, and I got to sit and watch the downpour. It felt as though I was alone and there was no one around me, but I could still feel the comfort of all the other people in the building. It was nice to take a moment out of my otherwise lazy day, and just relax and enjoy everything that was happening. A simple moment, that produced some nice, simple feelings.

Are you a fan of rainy days? What’s your ideal weather and why?