Hey guys! I’ve got some exciting news — I’ve rebranded!

If you’re new here, welcome, welcome. If you’ve followed my blog for a little while now, you’ll know that it was simply “stephlachance.com”. All of my social media accounts were under a different username, bl_ondi, and although I love the nickname “blondie”, I was never truly happy with the fact that I couldn’t acquire the proper spelling for each username. And as I’ve grown, I’ve learnt that I need to have a more consistent brand, and one that seemed less personal, and more community based. So I decided that it was time I rebranded. I needed a brand that represented me, but also welcomed other people and was less one-sided.

Which brings me to…

Seeing as I am a blonde, and I’m from a northern city, the name felt fitting. I’m super excited to finally release this into the wild, and showcase my new logo and brand! It’s nothing too different from my previous website, but I’m planning on implementing a more cohesive brand throughout my social accounts, as well as my blog. I want Blonde up North to become more than my personal diary, and more of a community. I want to interact with you all and get to know you through my posts and social profiles. So feel free to comment, share your experiences, and just chat in my comment sections!

Can’t wait to hear from you all,