As an early birthday gift from my boyfriend, I got to see one of my favourite bands – The 1975.

Not only did I see them with Alex (go follow him on insta – his posts make me wish I was man so that I could wear cool menswear), but my sister (who is also on instagram and is totally bomb and I’m jelly of her style) and her boyfriend flew down to visit and join us at the concert, and they happened to score seats next to ours and it was great.

While in Toronto, my sister got to meet up with one of her good friends who happened to move there recently. Knowing that everyone would benefit in some way from the trip made it that much more enjoyableย and although I got a little (more like a lottle) stressed when it came to figuring out which subway to take, I had an amazing time.

I got to eat good food and see Toronto again – I feel as though I like it a little more every time I go back. It’s a pretty daunting city, but once you start getting used to it, it becomes a pretty fun place to check out. I like the big city vibes, and the fact that there’s always something going on, so you can never really get bored.

The 1975 were even better than I expected.

And although we were far away from the stage, we were seated in an area that allowed us to see the entire stage and all of the attendees. Sometimes it’s better that way, since you’re not caught up in all off the fuss of the crowd and you can focus solely on the performance.

The concert was visually stunning, and I found the audio great as well, since I was able to hear each instrument and vocals evenly and nothing overpowered the other – They just worked together. I really enjoyed seeing The 1975 and hopefully I’ll get to see them another time in the future.

Getting to sing/scream along to some oldies and new songs was one of my favourite parts. I surprised myself with how many of their songs I knew by heart, and I honestly just had a ball singing and dancing along to their tunes.

Over the rest of the weekend, I got to spend a whole bunch of time with my boyfriend, my sister and her boyf, and it was really nice to finally meet him and to hang out as a group. I may have spent too much money eating out and shopping, but sometimes it’s real nice to treat yourself and have fun just to have fun.

Have you ever seen your favourite band live? If so, comment about it below! I’d love to hear about it ๐Ÿ™‚